Wrenched Picture Book

This collection of art blog posts is all about making the picture book Wrenched. A young engineer finds herself in a creative slump after her tools go missing, and the only way out is to find her tools. Art in progress, creative process, book design and printing.

It’s a Rabbit Hole

March 19, 2021
Wrenched page 12 w with minor edits.

The real danger of revisiting old artwork, is that your definition of where the acceptable finish line is has no doubt moved in the time since you created the work. I really just want to adjust a few colours, and add minor design elements, and it’s really hard not to fall into a rabbit hole of tweaks and complete redraws that will never, ever end.

I promise myself this – when I finally print this book, it will be the very last time I open these illustrations for edit.


March 9, 2021

I want to print a book I made a couple years ago, but I can’t help revisiting a few of the illustrations first. Someone stole her wrench? WHAT?!