Robot & Francis the Sheep

This collection of comics contains stories about the characters Robot and Francis the Sheep. These best friends travel around the multiverse, having great adventures, angering Gods, accidentally toppling societies, and generally having a good time.

Robot is sometimes brash, smart (but not as smart as he thinks), and often bored. That frequently leads them into trouble. But not to worry, he always has a heroic last-minute plan to save them from (mostly self-imposed) impending doom. Francis the Sheep is level headed, intelligent (exactly as intelligent as she thinks), and ready for any adventure. She’ll also never pass up an opportunity to blow the hell out of something just for the rush of it.

Pity Party – Page 4

August 12, 2021

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Pity Party - Page 4. More horrors befall the cartoonist and his characters in his fantastical Ideas Room. Page 4 of 7.
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Pity Party - Page 4

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1: ROBOT and the CARTOONIST are surrounded by SMOKE. THE CARTOONIST sees something move in the shadows.


I do smell smoke! EEK!


Something moved in the shadows…

Panel 2: Two sets of EYES glow from the shadows.

Panel 3: ROBOT and the CARTOONIST are confronted by MUMMY NINJAS!


Hey! Mummy ninjas? You wrote a mummy ninja story? Cool!

CARTOONIST (in fear)

Are we safe right now?

Panel 4: The MUMMY NINJAS speak!


We were a passing thought you had during a particularly boring math class in 1988! We’ve been trapped here ever since!


But now we can escape!

Panel 5: The chase begins!


When you die-eee-eee-eee!!!


Why mummy ninjas? Why not fluffy bunnies?! Or throw pillows?!


I was 12!

FRANCIS (Caught off guard while putting out the fire)


Panel 6: The GANG hides from the MUMMY NINJAS, and DEATH and CROW 2 show up. They are highly intoxicated.


OMG! (hic) did you guys see the luau idea (hic) on level 42? Epic bbq!!

CARTOONIST (in disbelief)

You’re drunk?




Any other horrors to tell us about, cartoon boy?!

FRANCIS (peaking around a corner)

I think we lost them…

Panel 7: Then CROW 1 shows up with more bad news.


Oh, good, I found you! We have a big problem!


…the girl from ipanema…dooby-doo…


The raging fire, or the killer ninjas?!

CARTOONIST (still in disbelief that DEATH is DRUNK)

Are mai-tais meta physical?


Killer mummy ninjas on fire would be okay…

Pity Party – Page 3

July 8, 2021

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Pity Party - Page 3. The cartoonist and his characters investigate his Ideas Room. Page 3 of 7.
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Pity Party - Page 3

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1: DEATH looks over shelves full of ideas related to his stories. He munches popcorn.


Oh! Look at all the peculiar ways people die.

Panel 2: The CROWS look over shelves of ideas related to their stories.


Look at all the peculiar ways people live!


Judgement for days!

Panel 3: FRANCIS finds an entire room devoted to exploring the multiverse.


There’s an entire wing of stupid space adventures!

Panel 4: The CARTOONIST and ROBOT investigate other shelves full of ideas. The IDEAS are represented by all manner of things - from BOOKS, to JARS to STRANGE UNKNOWABLE MACHINES. The CARTOONIST looks at a JAR that eerily looks back at him.


No one should see any of these. None of them are any good.

ROBOT (accidentally drops a fragile idea)

That’s not…Oh! Er, maybe not that one…

Panel 5: ROBOT and the CARTOONIST look at a huge PAINTING hanging on a wall. Only the bottom part of the painting can be seen, showing the shoes of a female person and a male person.


Who are these two?


They’re in a story I’m writing now. I don’t know if I can finish it…do you smell smoke?

Panel 6: FRANCIS runs down a corridor toward CROW 1. SMOKE fills the room. FRANCIS is in a panic.


HEY! Did you start that fire?!

CROW 1 (definitely started the fire)

The squirrel ideas must be destroyed.

Panel 7: FRANCIS frantically puts out the fire with a FIRE EXTINGUISHER. DEATH and CROW 2 wander in, wearing SOMBREROS and drinking MARGARITAS. DEATH still has his POPCORN BOWL, but now CROW 2 is lounging in it.


Where have you two been?!

DEATH (obviously been drinking)

We found a great idea for a Mexican cantina on level 12!

CROW 2 (very obviously been drinking)

$2 margaritaaas!

Pity Party – Page 2

June 17, 2021

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Pity Party - Page 2. The cartoonist is forced into his Ideas Room by his cast of characters. It's a cavernous room, full of everything you can imagine. Page 2 of 7.
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Pity Party - Page 2

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1: The CROWS are munching on POPCORN from the BOWL DEATH brought to the party.


When a cartoonist runs out of ideas, they always insert themselves into a story.


Classic hack move.

Panel 2: ROBOT pokes CARTOONIST in the belly, confronting him on the observation the CROWS just made. He doesn’t buy it.


Is this true? Are you out of ideas?


I’ve had some trouble lately…

Panel 3: DEATH, munching on his POPCORN snack, points at a door. It’s labeled IDEAS ROOM.


What’s in this room then?

Panel 4: ROBOT pushes CARTOONIST toward the IDEAS ROOM.


I have a bad feeling about this!


C’mon! Let’s go see!

Panel 5: The IDEAS ROOM is a huge multileveled place, packed full of stuff. The walls are lined with shelves and artwork. The shelves contain all manner of things - from the normal. like books and jars, to the strange, like oversized fruit, and gigantic bugs. There are plants and trees growing everywhere, as well as a

large aquarium, a swimming pool, and a restaurant. Anything goes in here.

Panel 6


Nothing good ever happens here…

Pity Party – Page 1

May 24, 2021

Page 1 of 7. New pages will be uploaded as they are finished. All completed pages can be read together here.

Pity Party - Page 1. The mysterious and ghostly Black Dog nearly consumes the cartoonist, but he is saved by his cartoon characters at the last moment. Page 1 of 7.
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Pity Party - Page 1

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1 (title panel): Pity Party by Ryan

Panel 2: The CARTOONIST sits on his STOOL, with his back to his DRAWING TABLE. He looks sad. A large smoke-like creature, which looks vaguely like a BLACK DOG, hovers over him, and whispers in his ear.


Your art stinks.

Panel 3: The BLACK DOG coils closer around the CARTOONIST.



Panel 4:

The BLACK DOG entombs the CARTOONIST. All that is left are his GLASSES, and his DEAD EYES.

Panel 5: Suddenly, ROBOT and FRANCIS THE SHEEP appear. FRANCIS holds a comical device: it appears to be part space gun, and part rotating fan. She blows the BLACK DOG out an OPEN WINDOW. ROBOT shouts to an unseen group.


WAIT! Hold it! Stop!

Panel 6: ROBOT demands answers. Only small, harmless remnants of the BLACK DOG remain.


What is going on here?!

Panel 7: The CARTOONIST, still sitting at his drawing table, is now surrounded by his creations: FRANCIS THE SHEEP, THE CROWS, DEATH, and ROBOT. DEATH is holding family-sized BOWL OF POPCORN.


It’s a pity party!


We’re all invited!


I brought popcorn!



Spa Daze

February 26, 2021
In this comic, Robot and Francis relax at the spa.
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Spa Daze

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1: A seemingly limitless space. GIANT EGGS float in an unseen grid formation above a dark floor, far into the distance.

Panel 2: CRACK!! ROBOT’S LEG breaks through one of the eggs! Shell falls everywhere.

Panel  3: ROBOT sits, breathless, on the floor beneath the GIANT EGG he just escaped from. He’s surrounded by EGG GOOP and shell bits.

Panel 4: FRANCIS wanders in, with a GIGANTIC SQUID THING on her head. She’s enjoying a SMOOTHIE through a VERY SQUIRRELLY STRAW. She is very relaxed.


Where have you been?


Hot squid massage. Smoothie Bar. You?

Panel 5: The dark nothing between time and space.

ROBOT (Voice over)

I awoke lost and alone - traversing the dark nothing between time and space. My younger self showed me all the ways we could avoid this inevitable future, and we laughed and laughed. Then I lost $200 playing billiards against the Horseshoe Nebula, ate a light lunch, and took a short nap.

Panel 6: ROBOT and FRANCIS retire to the SMOOTHIE BAR.


It was narrated by Morgan Freeman!


Cosmic Spa Day is the best spa day!