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A Panel about a Cat and a Printer

March 26, 2021
A cat sleeping on a home printer.
Close up of a cat sleeping on a home printer.

Here’s a favourite panel from a comic I drew in 2018 about a cat who loved the home printer. Sometimes I make comics about things that are not sarcastic death, judgemental crows, or a robot and sheep galavanting around the cosmos.

Read it here:

This comic was created in Clip Studio Paint. Look at those ridiculously straight lines on the printer.

Comic Panel of Yesteryear

March 25, 2021
A dog listens to a girl explain her incredible invention.
A girl and her incredible invention.

This is a panel from a very old comic. I was trying to write a picture book at the time. Someone, somewhere on the net, described creating comics to help flesh out characters, or something, so I thought I’d give it a try. The story ended up being very different from this, and the character, too. But if you are visually inclined, I do recommend using comics as a way to learn who your characters are. If for no other reason it’s fun. 🙂

This was before I dove screaming into hand lettering. That is a font by Blambot, but I’m too lazy to look it up for you. The comic was drawn in whatever Clip Studio Paint was back then.

Read the whole comic here:

Robot Upgrades

March 5, 2021

Time for a Robot retrospective!

In 2003 I took a crack at creating a web comic strip. The result of that effort was The Good Little Robot. It was the adventures of a robot stranded on Earth, struggling to make sense of this planet, and the people who live on it. It was met with a resounding meh from the internet at large. I ended it in 2006. Here is the first strip made using Adobe Illustrator, a couple custom brushes and a drawing tablet of some kind. Could be worse – I mean, that third panel is pretty great.

Bored and creatively stagnant in 2016, I decided comics that hardly anyone reads aren’t going to up and make them selves. So, after experimenting with a couple of crows comics, I dug Robot out of the dustbin. I mean, I like this guy. He’s smart, and free. A bit insensitive and reckless maybe, but we all have flaws. I had moved on to Clip Studio at this point. I don’t really like that app anymore, but the brush engine is really great, if you like that sort of thing.

By 2021, Robot has become exponentially more expressive, adventurous, and weird (but not weird enough). I’m creating with ink and paper now, which is equal parts harder, and more creatively satisfying. Your mileage may vary, you should create with whatever makes you happy.

So that ends Robot Through the Years! Now go make something of your own!

Crows Past and Present

February 27, 2021

I was thinking recently about how much my drawings have changed since I started making Survival Anxiety. This is the first crows comic I drew in 2016.

In this comic, the crows remember their good, and stylish, friend, the Mosaic-Tailed Rat.

And this is the most recent.

In this comic, the crows discuss how hoomans blame the year for all their problems.

What a difference 5 years makes! I was using Clip Studio in 2016 for all of my drawings. At the end of 2019 I started using paper and ink. Those are technical details, but it has had a stylistic affect. I’ve been evolving and experimenting with those traditional tools more and more, and I really like where it’s going. I like drawing digitally, but I love the traditional tools so much more.