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Even Timelier Pencils

March 24, 2021
Death and a new soul looking over the body.

I rethought the first panel – I like this much better. If I still like it tomorrow, I can start inking things.

Tonight’s brainstorm fuelled by the Bill & Ted Face the Music soundtrack. Thanks Bill & Ted!

Timely Pencils

March 23, 2021
Death and a new soul looking over the body.
Death giving the soul some advice.

Ladies and gentlemen, some ugly pencils for the current comic. Death is at it again!

Sketch 297

March 22, 2021
Woman looking surprised saying what?

You know what!

Blank Page Blues

March 20, 2021
Drawing table with new paper on it.

When this page is blank, it can feel like the hardest thing in the world to get started. But once started, you don’t want to stop until it’s done. Except for hash browns and coffee. I mean, we have to live, amiright?

Pencils Pencils Everywhere

March 17, 2021
Pencil roughs for comic.

Death is back, helping the hopeless. These are the pencil roughs for a new comic, drawn on plain old printer paper, with my comic grid printed for reference.

Sketch 296

March 15, 2021
Woman and man walk through gigantic mushrooms, while strange eyes stare at them from the darkness.

Strange things are a foot. Possibly several feet. Definitely several things. Yikes!

Sketch 295

March 14, 2021
Angry chef pulling up her sleeve, prepping for a fight.

Cruisin’ fer a bruisin’!

Sketch 294

March 13, 2021
Woman angry listening to man.

Please shut up. Please shut up. Please shut up.

Also – trying out a new brush tonight, a Raphael 8404 #1. I was looking for a Winsor & Newton Series 7 #2, but my local shop didn’t have any Series 7 at all. I heard good things about the Raphaels, and I took a chance that the #1 is similar in size to the W&N #2. It’s a nice brush – it hold lots of ink, and also creates nice dry brush lines, which I really like.

And To My Right…

March 12, 2021
A table full of drawing tools - brushes, pencils, inks, paints and stamps.

My lovely tool mess! Deleter ink is terrific. Series 7 brush from Winsor & Newton (#1) is dependable, especially when kept clean between uses (see brush cleaner). TWSBI Eco medium nib fountain pen for lettering, filled with Platinum Carbon black ink (it doesn’t like the eraser, so lettering is done with blue pencil). Not shown is a small set of Koh-I-Noor Rapidographs I love for consistent lines (panels, for example).

Experimenting with stamps and sponges of late, and it looks like I need some clean water. 🙂

Oh, and that green tape is the worst. Do not recommend. I have to locate the last brand I used, whatever it was, it was much better with ink.

Sketch 293

March 11, 2021
Woman chef chatting.

Blah, blah, blah!