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Journal – The Job Hunt

August 1, 2016

In this journal comic, I remember the difficult experience of looking for a job after the lay off.

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    Journal - The Job Hunt

    Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

    Panel 1: Black

    NARRATOR (voice over)

    Places where I have looked for work

    Panel 2: A typical desk with computer, monitor and accessories. A cup of coffee steams. The monitor shows a browser window with a header that reads ‘Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!’

    NARRATOR (voice over)

    Online job boards

    Panel 3: Giant LinkedIn logo.

    NARRATOR (voice over)

    Networking sites

    Panel 4: Black currant bushes.

    NARRATOR (voice over)

    In the black currant bushes behind the house

    Panel 5: An open kitchen cupboard showing the plumbing under the sink. A new faucet graces the counter above. A few tools, scattered.

    NARRATOR (voice over)

    Under the kitchen sink while installing a new faucet

    Panel 6: My head, worried, spinning out of control.

    NARRATOR (voice over)

    In the heart of what-if-I-never-work-again irrational despair

Journal – The Layoff

July 14, 2016

In this journal comic, I remember the experience of being let go from my job.

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    Journal - The Layoff

    Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

    Panel 1: Our HOUSE, seen from the front lawn.

    LIZ (from inside the house)

    So, your manager is driving two hours from Toronto to have a meeting with you at the Belleville Library?

    Panel 2: RYAN and LIZ. RYAN is putting on his jacket.


    Yes. Trenton would have been closer. I should tell him that for next time.

    Panel 3: Close up on NARRATOR.


    This is March 24th, 2016. After 16 years with the company, today I’m getting laid off.

    Panel 4: Close up on LIZ and RYAN.


    Isn’t that unusual?


    Well, I work from home so we’ve never spoken outside of Skype. Maybe he was just in the area.

    Panel 5: Close up on NARRATOR, pointing at a fist full of PAPER.

    NARRATOR (sarcastic)

    Nope! But, he brought presents! A separation agreement, a dour look, and a small severance.

    Panel 6: Close up on LIZ and RYAN. RYAN is kissing LIZ on the cheek.


    Anyway, I’m going to be late. Bye!

    Panel 7: Close up on NARRATOR, leaning on parking meter.


    In 20 minutes I’ll learn two things. One - Belleville parking meters only take change which I never carry. And two - they don’t just take away your job…

    Panel 8: Panel frames RYAN and MANAGER. MANAGER is holding PAPER. They are shaking hands.


    ‘You don’t have the skills to do the work.’

    Panel 9: Close up on NARRATOR.

    NARRATOR (peeved)

    …they burn you.