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Journal – The Job Hunt

August 1, 2016

In this journal comic, I remember the difficult experience of looking for a job after the lay off.

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    Journal - The Job Hunt

    Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

    Panel 1: Black

    NARRATOR (voice over)

    Places where I have looked for work

    Panel 2: A typical desk with computer, monitor and accessories. A cup of coffee steams. The monitor shows a browser window with a header that reads ‘Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!’

    NARRATOR (voice over)

    Online job boards

    Panel 3: Giant LinkedIn logo.

    NARRATOR (voice over)

    Networking sites

    Panel 4: Black currant bushes.

    NARRATOR (voice over)

    In the black currant bushes behind the house

    Panel 5: An open kitchen cupboard showing the plumbing under the sink. A new faucet graces the counter above. A few tools, scattered.

    NARRATOR (voice over)

    Under the kitchen sink while installing a new faucet

    Panel 6: My head, worried, spinning out of control.

    NARRATOR (voice over)

    In the heart of what-if-I-never-work-again irrational despair