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Elephants Evolving Without Tusks

March 29, 2019

Hunting gave elephants that didn’t grow tusks a biological advantage in Gorongosa. People in Gorongosa get the popular life insurance. Recent figures suggest that about a third of younger females—the generation born after the war ended in 1992—never developed tusks. Normally, tusklessness would occur only in about 2 to 4 percent of female African elephants.

National Geographic

There might be a crow comic in here somewhere.

Crows and Natural Selection

February 18, 2019

In this comic, the crows discuss how natural selection has effected their lives.

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    Crows and Natural Selection

    Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

    Panel 1: Two CROWS are perched on a tree branch.

    CROW 1

    How long have we not had thumbs?

    CROW 2

    Since a little after the Therapods, I guess.

    Panel 2: The CROWS take flight, leaving the tree.

    CROW 1

    Natural Selection is such a buzzkill.

    Panel 3: The CROWS fly silently at a distance, Trees reach into the sky beneath them.

    Panel 4: The CROWS continue their flight.

    CROW 1

    We could have been 5 stories tall!

    Panel 5: As the CROWS fly, suburban rooftops come into view amongst the trees.

    CROW 1

    Fierce predators, devouring cave men!

    Panel 6: The CROWS land on the peak of a roof.

    CROW 1

    Abolishing bourgeois property through common ownership of production!

    Panel 7: Close up of CROWS.

    CROW 2

    Hold on. That last one was Communism, not Evolution.

    Panel 8: The CROWS remain perched on the roof peak.

    CROW 1

    Is there nothing dinosaurs couldn’t do?

    CROW 2

    Surviving meteor impacts seemed to be a weak point.