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More Like a Magical Beating, Amirite?

September 30, 2020
Magical Thinking

Squirrels exist, whether you want them to or not! Mistakes were made. What can you do? Platinum Carbon ink fades a bit under an eraser. Maybe it’s the bristol. I think I prefer Deleter Black 4 for brush and dip pens, but might keep the Platinum for tech pens, etc. Very happy with the bizarro layout. Read the full comic.

Robot Fixes the Engine

February 26, 2020
Robot Fixes the Engine

Traditional ink, digital colour. Have a cuppa cake! Read the full comic.

I am Death – Ink

November 29, 2019
Comic about a man being a smart ass to Death, work in progress.

I didn’t drop my brush, and my pen didn’t drip. Small victories! Prepping the watercolour.