This collection of comics contains stories that include the cartoonist. The cartoonist doesn’t insert himself into his comics very often, he finds the entire thing quite gauche. So enjoy the few that there are.

Journal – The Layoff

July 14, 2016

In this journal comic, I remember the experience of being let go from my job.

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Journal - The Layoff

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1: Our HOUSE, seen from the front lawn.

LIZ (from inside the house)

So, your manager is driving two hours from Toronto to have a meeting with you at the Belleville Library?

Panel 2: RYAN and LIZ. RYAN is putting on his jacket.


Yes. Trenton would have been closer. I should tell him that for next time.

Panel 3: Close up on NARRATOR.


This is March 24th, 2016. After 16 years with the company, today I’m getting laid off.

Panel 4: Close up on LIZ and RYAN.


Isn’t that unusual?


Well, I work from home so we’ve never spoken outside of Skype. Maybe he was just in the area.

Panel 5: Close up on NARRATOR, pointing at a fist full of PAPER.

NARRATOR (sarcastic)

Nope! But, he brought presents! A separation agreement, a dour look, and a small severance.

Panel 6: Close up on LIZ and RYAN. RYAN is kissing LIZ on the cheek.


Anyway, I’m going to be late. Bye!

Panel 7: Close up on NARRATOR, leaning on parking meter.


In 20 minutes I’ll learn two things. One - Belleville parking meters only take change which I never carry. And two - they don’t just take away your job…

Panel 8: Panel frames RYAN and MANAGER. MANAGER is holding PAPER. They are shaking hands.


‘You don’t have the skills to do the work.’

Panel 9: Close up on NARRATOR.

NARRATOR (peeved)

…they burn you.