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Making Comics – I’ve Got a Bad Feeling About This

June 9, 2021

More detail from page 2 of Pity Party! Read Pity Party – Page 1 here.

I did a lot this week, and this comic is nearly finished. I centred the Ideas Room sign on the door. While doing that, I also changed the style of lettering I used for it. I finished inking almost everything, but the Ideas Room panel has some work yet. You can see a bit of it at the bottom. It’s the reason this comic wasn’t done this past weekend. It has a lot of detail, and it made me nervous. I wonder if I should have used a simpler perspective as well.

Lettering and word bubbles are all done. I applied the sponge effect to all the panels that needed it. I got a bit sloppy with it on a couple of panels, but it will be fine overall. I like the effect when it works – it’s unique, kind of like an organic tint. It’s a nice mid-tone. But it’s time consuming, it involves a bit of masking. I found myself wondering this week if I should keep doing it after this story is finished, or at least maybe use it more sparingly.

I figured out too late how I want to draw glasses on my cartoonist. I’ll need to go back to the first page and make them match this one. I’m much happier with the glasses on this page now, and it will make the next pages easier to draw as well. Better late than never!

I also made the mistake of trying to refill my Copic Multiliner cartridges, and made a real mess of those pens. And my hands. And everything near the pens and my hands. It was an experiment. They aren’t meant to be refilled, and I’m fairly certain I overfilled them, so it’s entirely my fault. But still, I won’t do it again. Curry’s in Toronto carries the refill cartridges for a fraction of what Amazon charges, so I ordered replacements from them (along with some new Bristol so I could get the free shipping). I’ve found the brick & mortar art supply stores are often cheaper than Amazon, by a large margin, so it’s worth shopping around for your supplies.

That’s my update! Pity Party Page 2 will be ready next Wednesday. See you then!


May 30, 2021
Detail of comic in progress.

Here is a bit of detail from page 2 of Pity Party. And, yeah, I also just noticed the sign on the door isn’t centred. And, yeah, it’s making me angry, too. That’s what paper and glue is for.

Pity Party – Page 1

May 24, 2021

Page 1 of 7. New pages will be uploaded as they are finished. All completed pages can be read together here.

Pity Party - Page 1. The mysterious and ghostly Black Dog nearly consumes the cartoonist, but he is saved by his cartoon characters at the last moment. Page 1 of 7.
View Comic Transcript

Pity Party - Page 1

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1 (title panel): Pity Party by Ryan

Panel 2: The CARTOONIST sits on his STOOL, with his back to his DRAWING TABLE. He looks sad. A large smoke-like creature, which looks vaguely like a BLACK DOG, hovers over him, and whispers in his ear.


Your art stinks.

Panel 3: The BLACK DOG coils closer around the CARTOONIST.



Panel 4:

The BLACK DOG entombs the CARTOONIST. All that is left are his GLASSES, and his DEAD EYES.

Panel 5: Suddenly, ROBOT and FRANCIS THE SHEEP appear. FRANCIS holds a comical device: it appears to be part space gun, and part rotating fan. She blows the BLACK DOG out an OPEN WINDOW. ROBOT shouts to an unseen group.


WAIT! Hold it! Stop!

Panel 6: ROBOT demands answers. Only small, harmless remnants of the BLACK DOG remain.


What is going on here?!

Panel 7: The CARTOONIST, still sitting at his drawing table, is now surrounded by his creations: FRANCIS THE SHEEP, THE CROWS, DEATH, and ROBOT. DEATH is holding family-sized BOWL OF POPCORN.


It’s a pity party!


We’re all invited!


I brought popcorn!