Robot and the Echo Chamber

December 20, 2016

In this comic, Robot and Francis the Sheep get sucked into an echo chamber, and find it’s not at all to their liking.

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    Robot and the Echo Chamber

    Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

    Panel 1: ROBOT and FRANCIS in their SPACE SHIP, observing something off panel.


    It appears to be some kind of sentient bubble.

    Panel 2: Pull out to see their small SHIP next to a giant BUBBLE.


    Whatever we do, let’s not get sucked into it.

    Panel 3: Same as panel 2, except they get sucked into it. Sound effect: SHOOP!


    Aw, crap.

    Panel 4: ROBOT and FRANCIS are inside the BUBBLE. They are confronted by very happy looking CLONES of ROBOT. There is a POP! sound effect as more CLONES appear seemingly out of nowhere.


    Ack! Who are you?

    CLONE 1

    We’re your tribe! Welcome to your echo chamber!

    Panel 5: Close up of CLONE 1. More POP! noises in the background.

    CLONE 1

    You’ll love it here! We’re all the same, and completely impervious to view point diversity.

    Panel 6: Pull out to frame ROBOT, FRANCIS, and CLONE 1 in the panel. Another POP! noise.


    But I like counter arguments. They prove how smart I am.

    Panel 7: The panel expands to see a bunch of the CLONES, all wearing the same UGLY VESTS. FRANCIS looks terrified, ROBOT has had enough. They are leaving.

    CLONE 1

    Being uninformed leaves us more time for our vests!


    Aaand…I’m out!

    Panel 8: Mirror of panel 3, except their SPACE SHIP is rocketing out of the giant BUBBLE. Sound effect: SPLOOT!

    Panel 9: ROBOT and FRANCIS in their SHIP.

    ROBOT (exhausted)

    Being willfully stupid is just dumb.

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