Pity Party – Page 3

July 8, 2021

Page 3 of 7. New comics pages will be uploaded as they are finished. All completed pages can be read together here.

Pity Party - Page 3. The cartoonist and his characters investigate his Ideas Room. Page 3 of 7.
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Pity Party - Page 3

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1: DEATH looks over shelves full of ideas related to his stories. He munches popcorn.


Oh! Look at all the peculiar ways people die.

Panel 2: The CROWS look over shelves of ideas related to their stories.


Look at all the peculiar ways people live!


Judgement for days!

Panel 3: FRANCIS finds an entire room devoted to exploring the multiverse.


There’s an entire wing of stupid space adventures!

Panel 4: The CARTOONIST and ROBOT investigate other shelves full of ideas. The IDEAS are represented by all manner of things - from BOOKS, to JARS to STRANGE UNKNOWABLE MACHINES. The CARTOONIST looks at a JAR that eerily looks back at him.


No one should see any of these. None of them are any good.

ROBOT (accidentally drops a fragile idea)

That’s not…Oh! Er, maybe not that one…

Panel 5: ROBOT and the CARTOONIST look at a huge PAINTING hanging on a wall. Only the bottom part of the painting can be seen, showing the shoes of a female person and a male person.


Who are these two?


They’re in a story I’m writing now. I don’t know if I can finish it…do you smell smoke?

Panel 6: FRANCIS runs down a corridor toward CROW 1. SMOKE fills the room. FRANCIS is in a panic.


HEY! Did you start that fire?!

CROW 1 (definitely started the fire)

The squirrel ideas must be destroyed.

Panel 7: FRANCIS frantically puts out the fire with a FIRE EXTINGUISHER. DEATH and CROW 2 wander in, wearing SOMBREROS and drinking MARGARITAS. DEATH still has his POPCORN BOWL, but now CROW 2 is lounging in it.


Where have you two been?!

DEATH (obviously been drinking)

We found a great idea for a Mexican cantina on level 12!

CROW 2 (very obviously been drinking)

$2 margaritaaas!

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