Pity Party – Page 2

June 17, 2021

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Pity Party - Page 2. The cartoonist is forced into his Ideas Room by his cast of characters. It's a cavernous room, full of everything you can imagine. Page 2 of 7.
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Pity Party - Page 2

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1: The CROWS are munching on POPCORN from the BOWL DEATH brought to the party.


When a cartoonist runs out of ideas, they always insert themselves into a story.


Classic hack move.

Panel 2: ROBOT pokes CARTOONIST in the belly, confronting him on the observation the CROWS just made. He doesn’t buy it.


Is this true? Are you out of ideas?


I’ve had some trouble lately…

Panel 3: DEATH, munching on his POPCORN snack, points at a door. It’s labeled IDEAS ROOM.


What’s in this room then?

Panel 4: ROBOT pushes CARTOONIST toward the IDEAS ROOM.


I have a bad feeling about this!


C’mon! Let’s go see!

Panel 5: The IDEAS ROOM is a huge multileveled place, packed full of stuff. The walls are lined with shelves and artwork. The shelves contain all manner of things - from the normal. like books and jars, to the strange, like oversized fruit, and gigantic bugs. There are plants and trees growing everywhere, as well as a

large aquarium, a swimming pool, and a restaurant. Anything goes in here.

Panel 6


Nothing good ever happens here…

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