It Must Be Tuesday

June 25, 2020

In this comic, the crows have opinions of little importance on our apparently imminent self-destruction.

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    It Must be Tuesday

    Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

    Panel 1: CROW 1 and CROW 2 sit atop a light pole. Below, people demonstrate with signs and chanting.

    Crow 1

    The hoomans are fighting again.

    Crow 2

    Oh, good. I like the colourful signs.

    Panel 2

    Crow 2

    What is it this time? Inequality? Climate change?

    Panel 3: The CROWS fly out of the city, and into the country.

    Crow 2

    Religion? Unemployment? Police brutality?

    Government corruption? Systemic racism?

    Poverty? Political polarization?

    Panel 4

    Crow 2

    Education? Healthcare? Discrimination?

    Panel 5

    Crow 1

    Yes. They’re very ambitious.

    Crow 2

    I hope they find time to fit in a nap before burning their society to the ground.

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