Hazel Loves the Printer

December 22, 2018

In this comic, Hazel the cat loves many things, but nothing as much as the printer.

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    Hazel Loves the Printer

    Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

    Panel 1: HAZEL the cat sits on the CABINET, and rests her head lovingly on the PRINTER.


    Hazel loves the printer.

    Panel 2: HAZEL is doe eyed and silly while receiving a wonderful head pat. She looks toward a CLICK-WHIR sound effect made by the PRINTER off panel.


    More than head pats.

    Panel 3: HAZEL runs away from her full food bowls, as CLIK-WHIR is heard off panel again.


    More than meal time.

    Panel 4: OUTSIDE, a couple of HAZEL’S CAT FRIENDS completely ignore her as she tries to hand them a copy of her latest ART ZINE. HAZEL looks off panel toward another CLICK-WHIR.


    More than the indifference from friends toward her latest indie art zine.

    Panel 5: HAZEL approaches the CABINET and the PRINTER. ZINE pages litter the floor.


    More than words.

    Panel 6: HAZEL is fast asleep on the PRINTER. Both seem quite content.

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