Crows Chewing Gum

October 21, 2018

In this comic, the crows discuss the challenges of having a sweet tooth.

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Crows Chewing Gum

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1: CROWS are hanging out in the woods. CROW 1 is blowing a large gum bubble.


Where did you get the gum?


The park.

Panel 2: CROW 1 close up.


Technically, a kid in the park gave it to me.

Panel 3: CROW 2 close up.

CROW 1 (from off panel)

Actually, he threw it at me.

Panel 4: CROW 1 close up, pointing to his beak.


With his mouth.

Panel 5: KID freaking out, claw of CROW 1 is grabbing the gum that has launched out of the

kid’s mouth.

CROW 1 (voice over)

And by ‘threw’ I mean it kind of flew out of his teeth while he screamed ‘Stop bothering me for

my gum, bird! Help! Help!’

Panel 6: CROW 1 blowing gum bubble, while perched atop an Animal Control truck. He’s

watching ANIMAL CONTROL capture SQUIRRELS off panel.

CROW 1 (voice over)

Then Animal Control showed up and thought the kid was freaking out about rodents, so they

arrested all of the squirrels.

Panel 7: CROW 1 close up, angry.


Now the squirrels are mad at me, and I have to go live with my Aunt in Minden until they get distracted by some nuts or something.

Panel 8: CROWS are hanging out in the woods, same as panel 1.

CROW 1 (indignant)

So I ask you - who is the real victim here?!


This is why I only pester old men for licorice.

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