Crows and the Zika Virus

July 1, 2016

In this comic, the crows express their concerns about the Zika Virus.

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Crows and the Zika Virus

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1: CROWS sitting on a RAIL FENCE.


Cough. Cough.


What’s with the cough? Are you sick?

Panel 2: Close up on a MOSQUITO, flying into the BEAK of CROW 1.

CROW 1 (voice over)

Well, I didn’t want to worry you, but I ate a mosquito earlier, and now I’m pretty sure I have Zika and I’m going to die.



Panel 3: Close up on CROWS

CROW 2 (not believing this)

I see. Who told you that?

Panel 4: CROW 1 looking at a BROWSER WINDOW with the header ‘Sketchy Web Doctor’.


I Googled it.

Panel 5: Silhouette of the CROWS sitting on a RAIL FENCE.


You do realize the Zika Virus is primarily a concern only to pregnant women and Olympians - and here’s an important point - not at all by birds?

Panel 6: Close up on CROW 1.

CROW 1 (really worried)

Oh really? Then why do I feel so lousy?

Panel 7: Close up on CROW 2.

CROW 2 (this is stupid)

I don’t know, maybe because mosquitos are gross, and when you eat gross things you feel sick.

Panel 8: Silhouette of CROWS sitting on a RAIL FENCE, staring at each other. CROW 1 is considering that maybe CROW 2 is right.

Panel 9: CROWS eating a ROADKILL LUNCH.


Ohmygawd! I’m cured!

CROW 2 (sarcastic)

It’s a miracle.

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