August 9, 2021
Boy on his phone with alien vine tentacles protruding from where his head used to be.

The spores swept along a spectrum of light no one even knew existed.

From a distant swamp, in a far-off galaxy, on the edge of the black nothingness somewhere across the universe. They were attracted by the cool hum of fibre optic data, the excitement of a new adventure.

The spores arrived quietly. They travelled through our phone lines, electrical grids, and computer networks. They slipped through our screens, into our eyes, and deep inside our warm, squishy brains.

No one noticed.

The spores waited, in the dark fat and protein of 8 billion brains. They liked it there. It reminded them of the swamp back home. They waited for the Queen Spore to give her command.

Unbeknownst to them, the Queen Spore was delayed by a solar storm outside Vulgaar Seven. This time of year can be a real nightmare travelling through that corridor of space. She was advised to not travel through that corridor of space, but does she ever listen? Of course not, she’s the Queen. She is just and mighty, and knows everything about everything, and just shut up about the Queen before you get us all killed.

The Queen finally arrived with the same amount of ceremony as the other spores. That is to say, no one noticed.

She gave the command.

8 billion brains exploded simultaneously, in a mass of roots and tangled vines and leaves. Tentacles blasted miles into the sky, only to fall back to the ground, crocheting a blanket of strange alien foliage that covered the entire World. Then everything was quiet. Everything was still.

Everything smelled faintly like fresh Basil.

No one noticed.

A single flower bloomed near what used to be Regina. It turned purposefully toward the sun, then shivered imperceptibly.

The spores swept along a spectrum of light no one even knew existed.


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