Princess Tee Vee

August 3, 2021
Princess Tee Vee sits on the far end of the castle's northern most rampart, catching stray program signals from far off worlds.

Princess Tee Vee has a secret place she likes to go. The far end of the parapet on the castle’s northern most rampart is seldom used, and very quiet. It’s in disrepair, and very difficult to get too. She could sit there for hours and never see a soul. The escarpment drops endlessly below her feet. It’s her favourite place in the whole world.

Not only is it private, it’s also perfect for catching stray signals from far off worlds. There’s a hole in the content blocker that the Radio Council doesn’t know about. Programs leak through the super-ionosphere, but you have to sit in just the right spot to catch them. Glorp’s Variety Hour from Fractal 9. Countdown to Boom Time from Betelgeuse. The entire NBC primetime lineup in the late 1980s from Earth.

One day she’ll get to travel to these places. Anywhere would be better than here. One day her father won’t be King anymore, and won’t be able to control all the channels. There’s rumblings of revolt among the townspeople. Change is coming.

Maybe then she’ll get to meet The Golden Girls.


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