Sketch 298

April 2, 2021
Girl with a fish peeks around a brick wall.

Why is she holding a fish? Why is there a giant X on the wall? What is she looking at? Excellent and fair questions, all of them. You can’t see me, but I’m shrugging very animatedly at your queries.

A Panel about a Cat and a Printer

March 26, 2021
A cat sleeping on a home printer.
Close up of a cat sleeping on a home printer.

Here’s a favourite panel from a comic I drew in 2018 about a cat who loved the home printer. Sometimes I make comics about things that are not sarcastic death, judgemental crows, or a robot and sheep galavanting around the cosmos.

Read it here:

This comic was created in Clip Studio Paint. Look at those ridiculously straight lines on the printer.

Comic Panel of Yesteryear

March 25, 2021
A dog listens to a girl explain her incredible invention.
A girl and her incredible invention.

This is a panel from a very old comic. I was trying to write a picture book at the time. Someone, somewhere on the net, described creating comics to help flesh out characters, or something, so I thought I’d give it a try. The story ended up being very different from this, and the character, too. But if you are visually inclined, I do recommend using comics as a way to learn who your characters are. If for no other reason it’s fun. 🙂

This was before I dove screaming into hand lettering. That is a font by Blambot, but I’m too lazy to look it up for you. The comic was drawn in whatever Clip Studio Paint was back then.

Read the whole comic here:

Even Timelier Pencils

March 24, 2021
Death and a new soul looking over the body.

I rethought the first panel – I like this much better. If I still like it tomorrow, I can start inking things.

Tonight’s brainstorm fuelled by the Bill & Ted Face the Music soundtrack. Thanks Bill & Ted!

Timely Pencils

March 23, 2021
Death and a new soul looking over the body.
Death giving the soul some advice.

Ladies and gentlemen, some ugly pencils for the current comic. Death is at it again!

Sketch 297

March 22, 2021
Woman looking surprised saying what?

You know what!

Congregation of Crows

March 21, 2021
A bus stop sign, and a sky black with crows.

A work in progress for the zine. The sky darkens, the crows approach!

Blank Page Blues

March 20, 2021
Drawing table with new paper on it.

When this page is blank, it can feel like the hardest thing in the world to get started. But once started, you don’t want to stop until it’s done. Except for hash browns and coffee. I mean, we have to live, amiright?

It’s a Rabbit Hole

March 19, 2021
Wrenched page 12 w with minor edits.

The real danger of revisiting old artwork, is that your definition of where the acceptable finish line is has no doubt moved in the time since you created the work. I really just want to adjust a few colours, and add minor design elements, and it’s really hard not to fall into a rabbit hole of tweaks and complete redraws that will never, ever end.

I promise myself this – when I finally print this book, it will be the very last time I open these illustrations for edit.

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Zine Logo

March 17, 2021
Survival Anxiety logo.

Thinking about Survival Anxiety #2, and working on a new logo for the cover.