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About Survival Anxiety Comics & Stories

Survival Anxiety Comics & Stories Zine

Survival Anxiety Comics & Stories is a funny, strange, and sometimes dark comic art zine. Each issue is a collection of comics, short-short stories, and illustrations focused primarily on how absurd life is absolutely everywhere. You could go to the end of the universe, and it still won’t make any sense. Not that that matters, we’re going there anyway. Nonsense fuels our rocket, man.

Zine Details

The paper version is printed in A5 digest format, on uncoated 80lb paper. Page count varies by issue. Each issue contains black and white comics, colour illustrations, and short-short writings, unless otherwise stated in the details.

Zine Pricing

$8 Paper, $3 Digital. Prices are in Canadian Dollars, shipping is extra.

Paper versions are available as demand and stock allows. Digital versions are always available.

New issue annually.

Zine Shipping

The paper zine is shipped by Canada Post regular mail. Shipping times vary depending on where in the world you live, not to mention the additional delays brought on by Covid. Canada Post says delivery of regular mail will take 2-4 business days for a destination within Canada, 4-6 business days to the US, and 4-7 business days for the rest of the world. Even if all that is true at the best of times, expect an extra week or two due to Covid.

Canada: $3, $1.50 each additional

USA: $4, $2.50 each additional

Everywhere else: $7, $4.50 each additional

Zine Refunds

No refunds. If you aren’t happy with the zine, set fire to it. Or give it away. Or both.

Cast of Characters

The comics have a few recurring characters.

Robot & Francis the Sheep are best friends who travel across the multiverse having great adventures, angering Gods, accidentally toppling societies, and generally having a good time.

Meanwhile on Earth, a couple of opinionated crows cast judgement on the many faults of the humans, while partaking in some not-so-fresh roadkill, stealing candy from children, and avoiding the squirrels.

Death has one job, to get the recently departed souls from here, to there, wherever there is. He is respectful, sardonic, loves popcorn and living life. If only the same could be said for the souls he helps.

About Ryan Reid

Ryan Reid is a designer, illustrator, and author of the children’s book WRENCHED. 

Ryan grew up on a fruit farm drawing comics and day dreaming about the vastness of the universe. He followed that with over 20 years in a cubicle thinking about the absurdity of life. Ryan’s voice is uniquely wry, sardonic and optimistic.

Ryan has been a designer and illustrator for over 20 years. He self publishes the zine Survival Anxiety Comics & Stories to showcase his original comic art and short-short stories. 

He’s currently working on another children’s book, but if this all turns out to be a weird fever dream because of that muskrat bite when he was 14, he may not finish it.

Additional cartoon and illustration projects can be seen at

Contact info

Follow Ryan on Instagram, and Twitter, or email him your questions and comments.

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