About the Comic

Survival Anxiety is a comic about surviving in this crazy universe, through friendship, adventure, and joy. It is illustrated and written by Ryan Reid.

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Cast of Characters

These are a few of the recurring characters in Survival Anxiety Comics.

Robot & Francis the Sheep are best friends who travel across the multiverse having great adventures, angering Gods, accidentally toppling societies, and generally having a good time.

Meanwhile on Earth, a couple of opinionated crows cast judgement on the many faults of the humans, while partaking in some not-so-fresh roadkill, stealing candy from children, and avoiding the squirrels.

Death has one job, to get the recently departed souls from here, to there, wherever there is. He is respectful, sardonic, loves popcorn and living life. If only the same could be said for the souls he helps.

Comic Update Schedule

Comics are published on Thursday. New comics are published every 3-4 weeks. Previously published comics are re-posted weekly in the art blog.

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Survival Anxiety Comics Zine

Survival Anxiety Comics are also available in print! Learn more about the zine, or just go order a copy from the shop.

About the Cartoonist

Ryan Reid is a designer living and working in Ottawa, Canada. Additional cartoon and illustration projects can be seen at ryanreid.com.

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