May 30, 2021
Detail of comic in progress.

Here is a bit of detail from page 2 of Pity Party. And, yeah, I also just noticed the sign on the door isn’t centred. And, yeah, it’s making me angry, too. That’s what paper and glue is for.

Pity Party – Page 1

May 24, 2021

Page 1 of 7. New pages will be uploaded as they are finished. All completed pages can be read together here.

Pity Party - Page 1. The mysterious and ghostly Black Dog nearly consumes the cartoonist, but he is saved by his cartoon characters at the last moment. Page 1 of 7.
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Pity Party - Page 1

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1 (title panel): Pity Party by Ryan

Panel 2: The CARTOONIST sits on his STOOL, with his back to his DRAWING TABLE. He looks sad. A large smoke-like creature, which looks vaguely like a BLACK DOG, hovers over him, and whispers in his ear.


Your art stinks.

Panel 3: The BLACK DOG coils closer around the CARTOONIST.



Panel 4:

The BLACK DOG entombs the CARTOONIST. All that is left are his GLASSES, and his DEAD EYES.

Panel 5: Suddenly, ROBOT and FRANCIS THE SHEEP appear. FRANCIS holds a comical device: it appears to be part space gun, and part rotating fan. She blows the BLACK DOG out an OPEN WINDOW. ROBOT shouts to an unseen group.


WAIT! Hold it! Stop!

Panel 6: ROBOT demands answers. Only small, harmless remnants of the BLACK DOG remain.


What is going on here?!

Panel 7: The CARTOONIST, still sitting at his drawing table, is now surrounded by his creations: FRANCIS THE SHEEP, THE CROWS, DEATH, and ROBOT. DEATH is holding family-sized BOWL OF POPCORN.


It’s a pity party!


We’re all invited!


I brought popcorn!



Rough Water

May 15, 2021
In this comic, a woman’s grief is expressed through a recurring dream.
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Rough Water

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1: Outside, daytime. A SMALL COTTAGE is nestled among TREES, on the shore of a CALM LAKE.

ROSE (voiceover)

I have this recurring dream. I am at the cottage. We are all there. I stand on the veranda and look out at the lake.

Panel 2: ROSE, an OLDER WOMAN with LARGE GLASSES, and a COMFY SWEATER gazes out at the LAKE.

ROSE (voiceover)

It is so calm.

Panel 3: ROSE turns to hear A MAN speak. The MAN is in shadow, and we can’t see him, but ROSE knows him well.

ROSE (voiceover)

I turn to you.


I thought you were in school today,

ROSE (voiceover)

you say.


There’s a storm coming.

Panel 4: The EYES of the MAN fill the panel.

MAN (voiceover)

You shouldn’t be HERE.

Panel 5: TREES, and WATER and FISH. The STORM has arrived.

ROSE (voiceover)

The storm hurls itself across the lake with locomotive confidence. It bends trees, and upends fish.

Panel 6: Inside the COTTAGE LIVING ROOM, the STORM rages outside. ROSE stares into a GIGANTIC HOLE in the LIVING ROOM FLOOR.

ROSE (voiceover)

When I look back, all of you are gone. A huge hole fills the living room. “Who’s in there?” I call into it. “No one,” it replies.

Panel 7: ROSE’S BEDROOM, late at night. ROSE awakes from the dream. She sits in the dark, in her BED, holding a PICTURE OF THE MAN from her dream.

ROSE (voiceover)

And then I wake up.