March 31, 2021
In this comic, a soul negotiates with Death for more time to be alive.
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Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1: Early morning, outside on a city street corner. DEATH checks his WATCH. A SOUL looks at their former body.


Oh, man! This is too soon! I need more time, Death! Give me more time!

Panel 2: DEATH consults his BOOK for answers.


Well, let’s see...this week is no good...and you are already dead...


That matters?

Panel 3: DEATH and the SOUL walk away from the body. DEATH continues to consult his BOOK.


I can tack on 5 years at the start of your life. You’d get a new birthday! That would be fun!


I want more time now, not then!

Panel 4: DEATH and the SOUL look intently at the BOOK.


How about when you’re 2 we send you to a parallel universe for a bit? 20 years there is a day here - so when you come back you could still be the man-baby you are today.

Panel 5: The SOUL realizes DEATH is pulling his leg.


You can’t give me more time, can you?


Not even a little. This is a library book - I need to return it after I’m done with you.

Panel 6: DEATH guides the SOUL into the beyond...


You’re a really bad Grim Reaper.


Oh, I don’t know - I feel I give the role the seriousness it deserves.

A Panel about a Cat and a Printer

March 26, 2021
A cat sleeping on a home printer.
Close up of a cat sleeping on a home printer.

Here’s a favourite panel from a comic I drew in 2018 about a cat who loved the home printer. Sometimes I make comics about things that are not sarcastic death, judgemental crows, or a robot and sheep galavanting around the cosmos.

Read it here: https://survivalanxiety.com/comic/hazel-loves-the-printer/

This comic was created in Clip Studio Paint. Look at those ridiculously straight lines on the printer.

Comic Panel of Yesteryear

March 25, 2021
A dog listens to a girl explain her incredible invention.
A girl and her incredible invention.

This is a panel from a very old comic. I was trying to write a picture book at the time. Someone, somewhere on the net, described creating comics to help flesh out characters, or something, so I thought I’d give it a try. The story ended up being very different from this, and the character, too. But if you are visually inclined, I do recommend using comics as a way to learn who your characters are. If for no other reason it’s fun. 🙂

This was before I dove screaming into hand lettering. That is a font by Blambot, but I’m too lazy to look it up for you. The comic was drawn in whatever Clip Studio Paint was back then.

Read the whole comic here: https://survivalanxiety.com/comic/communication-breakdown/.

Even Timelier Pencils

March 24, 2021
Death and a new soul looking over the body.

I rethought the first panel – I like this much better. If I still like it tomorrow, I can start inking things.

Tonight’s brainstorm fuelled by the Bill & Ted Face the Music soundtrack. Thanks Bill & Ted!

Timely Pencils

March 23, 2021
Death and a new soul looking over the body.
Death giving the soul some advice.

Ladies and gentlemen, some ugly pencils for the current comic. Death is at it again!