Death Takes a Break

July 30, 2020
Death Takes a Break

Death gets the importance of mental health. Take a break now and again. Feed the pigeons. Rest. Work can wait.

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Death Takes a Break

July 30, 2020

In this comic, Death takes a short break from work, only to find his work doesn’t take a break from him.

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Death Takes a Break

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1: Mid-day, Hemlock Park. DEATH sits on a park bench, enjoying a bag of popcorn. There are PIGEONS. It’s very relaxing.

Panel 2: PIGEONS have moved to his shoulders, and lap, and all around him, as he shares his pop corn with them. DEATH is quite happy.

Panel 3: Finally DEATH runs out of pop corn. He shares the last kernel with his bird friends.

Panel 4: DEATH stands up, and tosses the empty pop corn bag into the nearby trash can.

DEATH Okie-dokie! All done! Let’s move out!

Panel 5: DEATH turns around to see MANY GHOSTS have been waiting patiently, and a bit confusedly, just off panel. They’ve been waiting for DEATH to finish his break.


Panel 6

DEATH Were there this many of you here before my break? You know what? It doesn’t matter. Let’s just go.

Panel 7

RANDOM GHOST Dude - you take really long breaks.

DEATH Yeah, well, if you think 15 minutes was long, eternity is going to blow your mind.

Comics? Don’t Mind if I Do

July 24, 2020
Death Takes a Break WIP

I think I need a vacation. I got to use my new Rapidographs a bit on this comic, so that was fun. Was promptly reminded that ink drying times vary. Been dragging my heals, but it’s almost finished.