Robot Solves the Water Crisis

August 31, 2016

In this comic, Robot and Francis the Sheep solve the global water crisis in an unconventional way.

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Robot Solves the Water Crisis

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1: ROBOT is showing his INVENTION to FRANCIS.


Good news, Francis! I solved the water crisis!

Panel 2: Close up of ROBOT and his INVENTION. Sound effect: CLICK!

ROBOT (sincerely)

This device will open a tiny fissure in space-time, allowing the abundant fresh water from pre-history to flow into the now! Watch this!

Panel 3: A gigantic pre-historic WHALE-like creature appears out of nowhere, with a moist POP! sound. ROBOT and FRANCIS are startled.

Panel 4: Close crop on the eye of the WHALE. ROBOT and FRANCIS lean in off panel.

ROBOT (angry)

Oh, great! Another special interest blocking scientific progress!

Panel 5: ROBOT and FRANCIS walking away from the WHALE. ROBOT tosses his INVENTION away.


Seriously, Francis - if I knew it would be hard I never would’ve bothered.

Crows Build a Wall

August 9, 2016

In this comic, the crows debate the pros and cons of building a wall to keep the song birds out.

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Crows Build a Wall

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1: CROW 1 is piling twigs and pebbles. CROW 2 stands close by.


I’m building a wall.

CROW 2 (barely curious)


Panel 2: Two loving SONG BIRDS stand beyond the WALL. CROW 1 is pointing toward them.


To keep out the riff-raff!

Panel 3: Close up on CROW 2.


Riff-raff? You mean those song birds?

Panel 4: Close up on both CROWS.

CROW 1 (yelling)

They are infesting our community! Eating all our food! Crowding all our trees!

CROW 2 (startled)

But…won’t they fly over a wall?

Panel 5: Similar to panel 2. A SONG BIRD peaks in off panel. CROW 1 points to how tall the WALL will be.

CROW 1 (mater-of-factly)

No. It will be super tall.

Panel 6: Both CROWS. A SONG BIRD sings off panel.


I see. Won’t they walk around it?


No. It will be very long. The longest wall ever.

Panel 7: Close up on CROW 2.

CROW 2 (disbelief)

Won’t they pull it apart, build nests from it’s twigs, and raise loving community minded families from within the remnants of it’s misguided ideology?

Panel 8: The SONG BIRDS have taken apart the WALL, built a NEST from it’s twigs and pebbles in a nearby tree. They are cuddling, and very lovey. The CROWS watch from far below.

Panel 9: Both CROWS.

CROW 1 (angry)

Hey! Stop undermining my irrational fears!

CROW 2 (no longer caring about this conversation)

There goes the neighbourhood.

Journal – The Job Hunt

August 1, 2016

In this journal comic, I remember the difficult experience of looking for a job after the lay off.

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Journal - The Job Hunt

Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

Panel 1: Black

NARRATOR (voice over)

Places where I have looked for work

Panel 2: A typical desk with computer, monitor and accessories. A cup of coffee steams. The monitor shows a browser window with a header that reads ‘Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!’

NARRATOR (voice over)

Online job boards

Panel 3: Giant LinkedIn logo.

NARRATOR (voice over)

Networking sites

Panel 4: Black currant bushes.

NARRATOR (voice over)

In the black currant bushes behind the house

Panel 5: An open kitchen cupboard showing the plumbing under the sink. A new faucet graces the counter above. A few tools, scattered.

NARRATOR (voice over)

Under the kitchen sink while installing a new faucet

Panel 6: My head, worried, spinning out of control.

NARRATOR (voice over)

In the heart of what-if-I-never-work-again irrational despair