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Inky Black Space

August 27, 2020
Unexpected Adventure WIP

I entered August intending to make more comics, but the month is almost over and I only have one in progress. It’s almost done. I’m fairly sure scanning this page will be a hot mess, but that’s a weekend problem. Stay well, peeps!

Comics? Don’t Mind if I Do

July 24, 2020
Death Takes a Break WIP

I think I need a vacation. I got to use my new Rapidographs a bit on this comic, so that was fun. Was promptly reminded that ink drying times vary. Been dragging my heals, but it’s almost finished.

More Comics

June 19, 2020

Working on another comic. Crows being crows with useless opinions.

These Times WIP

April 21, 2020
These Times WIP

Comic work in progress.

Crows and Climate Change Pencils

March 2, 2020
Crows and Climate Change - Pencils

Comic rough on lousy paper. Onward to the good paper!

Robot Fixes Engine Ink

February 13, 2020
Robot Fixes Engine Ink Partial

I’d be enjoying this more if the dumb brush would keep a point. Still, trying some different things, very happy with the results. Almost done!

Robot Fixes the Engine Pencils

February 1, 2020
Robot Fixes Engine Pencils

Ruff ruff ruff. Uninteresting paper, but a Mitsubishi 9850 pencil which I kind of adore.

I am Death – Ink

November 29, 2019
Comic about a man being a smart ass to Death, work in progress.

I didn’t drop my brush, and my pen didn’t drip. Small victories! Prepping the watercolour.

I am Death – House Ink

November 25, 2019
Farm house.

First panel of a comic work in progress. C6 nib for lettering, house is 00 sable. Analog has the best tools.