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Crows Be Prepared

November 20, 2016

In this comic, the crows prepare for the apparently imminent end of the world.

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    Crows Be Prepared

    Comic written and illustrated by Ryan Reid

    Panel 1: CROWS are having ROADKILL for lunch. CROW 1 is wearing a combat helmet.

    CROW 1

    The end of the world is coming.

    CROW 2

    Before or after lunch?

    Panel 2: CROW 1 close up.

    CROW 1 (seriously)

    I’m serious! Endless war, racism, climate change. Humans are tearing the place apart looking for new ways to not get along with each other.

    Panel 3: Close up on both CROWS.

    CROW 1

    But don’t worry. I’m totally prepared.

    Panel 4: CROW 2 close up.

    CROW 2 (curious, but probably mostly humouring CROW 1)

    And just what kind of preparation is required for an apocalypse?

    Panel 5: Panel expands to show both CROWS, their lunch, and behind CROW 1 a ROCK and HALF A HAM SANDWICH.

    CROW 2

    Half a ham sandwich and a rock?

    Panel 6: Panel shrinks to focus on the CROWS.

    CROW 1

    Well, there was more, but hoarding made me really hungry.

    CROW 2

    My hero.